Top Forex Trading Accounts – Which One is Better

/ December 12th, 2018
Top Forex Trading Accounts - Which One is Better

Top Forex Trading Accounts – Which One is Better

The beginners frequently surprise about the difference between the popular Forex Trading Accounts and which of them is superior to start with the Forex Market. The team on BAAZEX decided to spread the information about all common and available accounts as an aim to choose which one is better for their specific trading style. Now make yourself pleased and let’s take a small Forex journey.

1) Demo Forex Trading Account

It is not wrong to say that Forex Trading Demo Account is especially for the beginners but it is also helpful to professional traders in order to test their specific strategies. Using this account, you won’t trade with real money, but only with virtual-money without the fear of your capital loss. However, BAAZEX proudly announces the free Demo Trading Account with trading conditions which are equal to the live ones (Classic, Standard, ECN, etc.).

Demo Forex Trading Account Demo Forex Trading Account

2) Standard Forex Trading Account

Standard forex trading is equally beneficial for beginners and experienced, they can deposit a minimum amount of $10 and start their forex journey. It is very helpful for those traders who have tested their strategies on Forex Trading Demo Account and want to open Live Business Trading Account.  BAAZEX provide the highest leverage value 1:1000 with no commission on Standard Accounts.

Standard Forex Trading Account Standard Forex Trading Account

3) Classic Forex Trading Account

Classic is a popular type of Standard Forex Trading Accounts. These accounts have floating spreads and good leverage values. You can trade all major currency pairs available by BAAZEX on MetaTrader5, a latest and powerful trading platform.  There are no commissions on Classic accounts at BAAZEX with a minimum deposit of $100 to start. Such accounts are suitable for intra-day trading or using EAs.

Classic Forex Trading Account Classic Forex Trading Account

4) ECN Accounts

ECN is the perfect solution for scalpers (both real people and EAs) and intra-day traders. The spreads float here and between 0 to 0.1 pips, leverage is up to 1:200 by BAAZEX International Broker. Choice of financial instruments is relatively large too: you can work with any the available currency pairs and other range of products. All transactions opened on the ECN Forex Trading Accounts are transferred to the interbank. Note that the commission on these accounts is 6 units of the base currency per lot.

ECN Forex Trading Account ECN Forex Trading Account

5) Islamic Forex Trading

All Swap-free are Islamic accounts exist especially for Muslims. If you follow the ISLAM, trade blindly because BAAZEX is offering all accounts without swapping.

That’s all! We are hoping that this article was very helpful to you. So, choose a Forex Trading Account you need and start trading in the world’s biggest market! If you want to understand the details about forex education or learn how to trade, visit the educational section.

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