What are Precious Metals?

Precious metals have been some of the most popular hard commodities to trade since the 1970s. Besides Foreign Exchange trading, trading and speculating in Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals is a worldwide popular way of hedging and managing the risk during the high inflation times or during Economic or Political tensions globally.

Beside being a safe heaven, one of the main purposes of trading the precious metals Futures is risk management given the ability to the contract buyer and seller to fix prices or rates in advance for future transactions. They can both ensure against drastic or sudden price movements that may cause increased losses. The price of Gold and Silver Futures Derivatives comes from the performance of the underlying asset for that particular Future contract.

Precious metals can be traded in both directions. If the metals prices are expected to move upwards, traders can enter by purchasing a futures contract and exit the trade by selling it. Similarly, if there is anticipation of a downward movement, traders can enter in a sell futures contract and exit the trade by buying a contract back again.

The possibility is also given to trade multiple futures contracts, which involves making several separate entries and exits, that is, entering contracts at different prices and exiting at one price, or the other way round. The ability to trade in both directions allows investors to gain profits regardless of upward or downward market movements.

Why Trade Precious Metals with Us?

Our aim is to help our traders succeed by providing an exceptional trading experience.

  • Access to Gold & Silver crosses.
  • Spreads from 0.12 on Gold.
  • 0.10s Average execution speed.
  • All trading strategies enabled.
  • Leverage up to 1:200.


Instrument Minimum Spread Typical Spread Long Swap Short Swap
XAGUSD 0.01 0.04 -1.099 0.013
XAUUSD 0.01 0.12 -5.91 -0.6

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How To Trade Precious Metals

Trade Precious Metals with a worldwide network of Precious Metals Dealers, Producers, Consumers, and Speculators. Baazex brings a breadth of experience to our clients.

Metals traders will have access to position tracking, account management, narrow spreads and various analysis.

Using Baazex MetaTrader 5 technology, Traders and Partners will have an access to a wide-range of Precious Metals Trading Products in addition to many other products in Forex, Commodities, Indices and Crypto Currencies CFD’s.

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