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LUCKY $100

Trading Account
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100 Accounts

100 accounts equal 100 prizes, join to be one of our Lucky100 winners.

Winners List

The details of all Lucky100 Winners will be listed on our webpage.

Offer Expired

About Promotion

This Lucky100 promotion gives you a chance to win a free trading account worth $100. You can use this $100 to trade without any restrictions.
There are no hidden terms and ambiguous conditions to follow in being a participant in this promotion. All you have to do is follow a basic step to get the chance of winning a Lucky100 trading account by simply sharing this promotion within your social circle.

How Does It work?

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Social Sharing Platforms

Winners of Lucky100 promotion will be announced on our social channels as well as on our website.

Offer Expired

Terms And Conditions

By participating in this promotion you are bound by following terms & conditions

  1. This promotion is for new clients only. Existing clients cannot avail this offer
  2. The Company reserves the right to amend, alter or terminate this Lucky 100 promotion at its sole discretion, and at any time without notice
  3. The Lucky100 promotion starts on 05-Aug-2019. All winners from the lucky draw will be notified by this date
  4. To avail this promotion, social sharing of this promotion is required
  5. After the sharing, you will become part of the lucky draw
  6. If you win the lucky draw among the Lucky 100 participants, a trading account credited with $100 will be given to you
  7. All winners and losers from the lucky draw will be notified via email
  8. A list of Lucky 100 winners will be published on the website with their name, email, and country
  9. This $100 is tradable only and will remain in the ownership of the Company and is not withdraw-able
  10. The leverage of the underlying account will be 1:200 and is not changeable
  11. There is no restriction on trading; hence any trading strategy can be applied
  12. This trading account credited with $100 is not eligible for any commissions and IB rebates unless the deposit of $100 is being made
  13. You can earn as much profit as you want, however, this profit will always remain in the ownership of the company and the company reserves the right to cancel this profit at his sole discretion
  14. There is no condition to withdraw your profit; you can withdraw your profit any time as long as the Free Margin in the trading account is at least $100
  15. Minimum $10 and Maximum $1000 profit can be withdrawn
  16. Account Verification (KYC Documentation) is required to withdraw the profit
  17. You are eligible for only one (1) withdrawal from your profit
  18. Following the 1st withdrawal, the trading account will be RESET i.e. prized $100 and any remaining profit shall be taken out of the trading account and leverage change restriction will be lifted
  19. It is strictly prohibited to participate again by using another email address. You will be disqualified and your access to the complete Baazex system will be restricted if any such instance is found
  20. The Lucky 100 trading account will expire on 01-Nov-2019. Therefore, all lucky winners must withdraw their profit before this date as after this date, the trading account will be RESET i.e. prized $100 and any profit shall be taken out of the trading account and leverage change restriction will be lifted
  21. The Lucky 100 trading account, the credited amount of $100 and any profit in the trading account is under the ownership of the Company and can be canceled at any time on the sole discretion of the Company
  22. In case of any dispute, the Company’s decision is final and not challengeable in any court of law from the client
  23. By participating in this promotion, you are agreed to all the terms of this promotion and the right of the Company to cancel the Lucky 100 trading account and all profits obtained through this trading account at any time without giving any reasons at the sole discretion of the Company

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