The Most Traded Goods

Baazex offers a flexible and easy way to gain exposure to some of the world’s most traded commodities including energies and livestock and agriculture all from within our MetaTrader5 trading platform.

Commodity markets are attractive to speculators as they are susceptible to dramatic changes in supply and demand.


  • Over 10 Commodities to trade
  • Energy, Agriculture and Food
  • Spot and Futures CFDs
  • Leverage up to 1:200
  • Deep liquidity


Baazex allows trading of spot and future energy contracts including Crude Oil, Brent Oil, and Natural Gas from your MetaTrader 5 platforms against the US Dollar.

Trading energy contracts as a spot instrument has many advantages for investors who are only interested in price speculation.


How does Commodities Trading Work?

Commodities cover energy, live stock and agriculture. These products are traded in spot and futures markets and derive their value from demand and supply characteristics.

Supply characteristics include the weather in the case of agriculture and costs of extraction in the case of energies.

Demand for commodities tends to be characterized by broader conditions such as economic cycles and population growth. Commodities can be traded as stand alone products or in pairs.