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Get 20% Bonus on every deposit, Bonus amount up to $5000.

          $50 Welcome Bonus offer is coming soon.

          20% Deposit Bonus available on your deposits.

          Clone your Trading Account with BAAZEX: Fund your trading account and get another trading account with same funds for trading.         COMING SOON: BTC Contest




Min. Deposit: $200 MAX. Deposit: $5000

Its Easy to Get Started

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baazex promotion
baazex promotion

Deposit minimum $200 to $5000 in your trading account using following payment options to avail clone account promotion.

btc neteller skrill
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Keep trading in clone account and you will be able to withdraw your profit's share from clone account.


Its Easy to Get Started

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baazex promotion
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Negate Your Trading Risk

Start Trading with Confidence!

Are you looking to step up your trading strategy?

  • Custom Built For Active Traders Looking For Maximum Performance!
  • Trade with Clone Account, Stop Losing Your Funds
  • Void Your Trading Risk (T&C Apply)

We bear 100% loss in clone account while we share profit with you. Your deposited funds are safe, withdraw-able anytime and tradable. No restriction on your deposit.

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Trade with Multiple Products at Baazex Premium Trading Platform.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Profit made in clone account will be shared as 10% of client and 90% will be the ownership of Baazex
  2. A trading account will be created (Clone Account) and is funded with exactly the same amount that client deposited recently
  3. Funds in clone account will only be tradable and not applicable for withdraw.Whereas, the profit amount can be withdrawn
  4. Maximum Leverage on clone account will be upto 1:500
  5. Transfer of profit from clone account to real account (deposited account) and vice versa is prohibited by all means
  6. Clone Account will not be eligible for any commission or IB Rebates
  7. Clone Account will not be eligible for Zero Balance Protection
  8. Client must close all positions in order to proceed to withdrawal of profit share from his Clone Account
  9. Company can reject withdrawal solicitation of client share at its sole discretion
  10. Profit share of client will not exceed more than $10,000
  11. Hedging the positions of Clone Account with any of other Account(s) held by the client is prohibited and will result in the cancellation of the Clone Account our Anti-Fraud Department (AFD) always keep check on accounts behavior, lot size, trade timings etc. Therefore any fraudulent activity will be highly discouraged and challengeable before concerned authorities
  12. Clone Your Trading Account offer has unlimited duration and can be cancelled at any time on sole discretion of the Company
  13. Client can get Clone Your Trading Account Promotion on each deposit from minimum $200 to maximum $5000
  14. Everytime when client avail this offer a single clone account will be generated with same amount of funds as deposited by client in trading account
  15. Participants of this clone account promotion will not be eligible for deposit offer on the same deposit even after the cancellation of clone account
  16. Cancellation of Clone Account will result in removal of all assets from the clone account. Moreover, client access to the Clone Account will be restricted
  17. Company decision in this offer is final and not challengeable from client
  18. Withdrawal of funds from real account will result in deduction of same amount from clone account
  19. KYC Verification is required to withdraw the profit from Clone Account
  20. When a client apply for Clone Account offer, if there is already a Clone Account existed, that Clone Amount will be added in that existing Clone Account. This means, if there is any profit or loss in the existing Clone Account, it will be adjusted accordingly and carried into the next Clone Amount added in the Clone Account. Similarly, the 10% share from the profit for the client will be counted as of all previously added Clone Funds. That is, any previous Clone Funds and P/L will be considered after the new Clone Funds are added in the Clone Account
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